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SUB 0001 Mexicanos Unidos


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Mexicanos Unidos

Sublimated Collection 

Look the part with your very own custom Mexican Pride walk-in set.  


  • 1-Sleeveless Hooded Vest
  • 1-Boxing Trunks
  • Sublimated Sponsorship logo placement (Max5)
  • Custom Sublimated Insignias
  • 2-Embroidered Waistbands
  • 5.5″ Waistband
  • Waistband dual tie-chords
  • Interior Pocket
  • Gold-plated metal zipper
  • Mexican Theme
  • Double layer design
  • 100% Satin / Sublimated   


This is an FNA original design. This Mexican-themed  walk-in set is a multicolor masterpiece! This spectacular set is mostly white with matching trim and Mexican flag side panels and trimmed with soft satin. 

The vest and the trunks are both 100% satin.  Each piece of this set is expertly manufactured using state-of-the-art programs and equipment. You and your sponsor will appreciate how well-placed the logos are. We box in every logo to match and embroider them to the set. Our production team will make sure that everything is perfectly aligned and attached. The trunks on this set have at least a 5″ waistband with hidden dual tie chords for added comfort and support.

The vest:  This sleeveless hooded design has everything a fighter would want on a fight night vest, including a hidden pocket on the inside and stunning graphics to set it all off and make it unique. The vest is hooded and trimmed out with a gold-plated zipper and lined in super soft satin. 

The trim and side panels: The set has a Mexican-theme with Mexican colors and a flag on each side panel. 

 Every one of our sets is double-layered and lined with fine imported satin for ultimate comfort.

Design and graphics


The logos on this set will be professionally boxed in and sublimated throughout the set. The back and the front of the vest will spectacularly show off the name or logo of your choice. This set includes up to 5 logos that will be sublimated onto the set. 

Turn Around Time: Allow 5-6 weeks 


Sample Images

"Look Good, Feel Good, Fight Good"